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TEXANA READS: Purvis brings sports legends -- and those who should be -- to life

Dr. Manuel FloresTexana Reads

If you read Corpus Christi author Andy Purvis’ last book – “Legends of Greatness” – you may find yourself drifting away in a land of dreams, legends and sports folklore.

If you stop and listen, listen closely, you may hear the voice of an old sportswriter spinning a tale or two. You will be fascinated, intrigued, and moved.

You may as well be sitting at a dimly lit bar with a lone light fixture beaming life into the book you are holding, or you may be at a backyard barbecue where Ol’ Uncle Andy is holding court and spinning stories like only he can.

Uncle Andy is the moniker Andy Purvis has adopted because of his local radio show fame and the readings he is invited to present for various community organizations, clubs or restaurants. But, it is in his writing, his books, where he is truly in character. This is where the persona of “Uncle Andy” comes to life.

Listen. Listen carefully, as you read. You may learn something about sports and a lot about life.

Purvis has made it his life’s work to compile stories of sports legends who have left us. His eighth book in what is now been dubbed the Greatness series is as remarkable as his first seven. While his previous works have centered on sports personalities that many of us in the Boomer generation came to love and others learned about because of their celebrity status, his latest book is more about those whose careers may have gone unnoticed in spite of their “greatness.”

This is what makes this eighth version of the Greatness series, well, great.

Purvis, known as the “master of the metaphor,” pulls no punches here. The book was hard work sprinkled with 60 vignettes on sports personalities. The 60 short stories and essays are meticulously researched and superbly written. Each stands on its own and all will keep your interest to the end.

Like in his other works, Uncle Andy awakens the sports personalities and, if you remember them, pictures of their greatness will flow through the echoes of your mind. The words you are reading seem to mingle with reality as if in a time capsule being opened after a long hiatus. The words pause to rest on your fingertips as you cradle the book that has brought their memories to life.

While in past books you read about greats like Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Bart Starr and Tom Landy, to mention a few, here you will learn about the lives of greats like Howard “Hopalong” Cassady, Jimmy “The Toy Cannon” Wynn, Tom Dempsey, Mary Pratt, Phyllis “Miss America” George, Bobby Joe “The San Benito Bullet” Morrow, and many more. All have recently passed away and Uncle Andy is making sure they will not fade away from our memories soon.

Uncle Andy’s stories will, as he says, liberate us from the past. It will free us, if only for a moment, from the reality that these athletes, many of them heroes of our childhood, are no longer with us. It will shine the light on who they were and why they lived and why they are not ready, not yet, to be forgotten.

Listen to Uncle Andy talk about “Hopalong” Cassady, a Heisman Trophy winner for Ohio State University. “. . .(H)e was built like a deck of cards. He was so sturdy you could park a bicycle on his shoulders.”

Andy is plain ol’ down to Earth with his descriptions. Don Larsen, who as a New York Yankees pitcher gained fame for throwing a no-hitter in the 1956 World Series, was not a good-looking man, Uncle Andy acknowledges. When he was young “his ears were so big you could catch cablevision.”

About Jimmy “The Toy Cannon” Wynn, an indomitable slugger for the Houston Astros when they played at the cavernous Astrodome, Uncle Andy said he was “so short (5-foot-9) people would ask him to pick things up when they dropped them.”

But make no mistake about the author’s feelings. Uncle Andy respects the people he writes about and he talks of them with a reverence reserved for a state funeral. Each essay is like a eulogy sending each former athlete into the gridiron, court or diamond in the sky with a sense of gratefulness and pride. With each word Uncle Andy is saying “thank you” and acknowledging these athletes or sports celebrities will not soon be forgotten.

Andy “Uncle Andy” Purvis has done his part by writing another spectacular book in his series on great athletes who have passed away and left us nothing but memories.

Now, do your part by delving into the land of dreams, legends, and sports folklore courtesy of Uncle Andy Purvis.

About the book

“Legends of Greatness: Untold Stories of Passed Sports Icons”

By Andy Purvis

Xulon Press, Maitland, Fla. (2021)


Pbk 450 pages

Available at: $36.99; Kindle $9.99, hardcover $36.99, pbk $18.74; or Barnes and Noble Bookstores pbk $24.99; also Facebook: purvisbooks.

About the author

Andy Purvis is a long-time sports enthusiast and writer. He has written eight books on sports personalities and possesses a wealth of knowledge of sporting events and sports celebrities. His is also a long-time radio personality hosting shows for more than 25 years now and serving as a prominent returning guest. Most recently he has been a regular with SportsRadioCC on KSIX 1230 AM, 95.1FM, in Corpus Christi on the PudgeNation Show. He can be contacted at

“Your story about Tommy Nobis captured him perfectly. He was always my Dad’s most favorite player. He was just as brutal to his teammates in scrimmages and practices. Yes, it is outrageous that he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame. I also read your story about Gene Conley. What a remarkable athlete. I picked it out to read because I had no idea who he was. Thanks Andy.”

Tom Campbell

Texas Longhorns Hall of Honor and Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame

“A dear friend gave me one of Andy’s books and I was captivated by the stories of the lives and contributions of people in sports that I already admired as well as some I did not know. To say that Andy is a master storyteller is an understatement, as everything I have read by Andy since then has been just as interesting, fun to read, entertaining and informative as that first book. Thanks for the literary contributions Andy. If it’s by you, I’m certain it’s going to be a great read.”

Kent Hill

1st round pick by the Los Angeles Rams. Offensive Guard 1979-1987

“Very few writers can catch the essence of a person’s life. And it’s captured often by Andy Purvis.”

Bobby Valentine

Former Major League Manager

“Andy, I found your book Secrets of Greatness to be very interesting and filled with lots of things I didn’t know about. I specially enjoyed your story of Chuck Noll. Thanks, for sending me a copy and being a good friend to our pal Bobby Smith.

“Mean” Joe Greene

Pittsburgh Steelers-Pro Football Hall of Fame

“Andy has a passion for keeping the stories of the all-time great players and people alive. Thank you for telling my all-time favorite player’s story, my dad. In a time that the sports media doesn’t recognize professional athletes as people, Andy does a great job of bringing to light the real person behind the athlete.”

Bobby Buckner

Son of Bill Buckner   

“The Frank Robinson story was a nice article, what I can’t get on the street corner. The story within the story—is a different depth. I sense in reading Andy’s articles that there seems to be a trust of accuracy.”

Buck Showalter

Former Major League Manager

“First and foremost, thanks for featuring me in your book This Close To Greatness, but thanks also for filling me in with information I didn’t know until this day about Meadowlark Lemon and his upbringing. Your books are something special and I really appreciate the love and support over the past ten years I’ve been with The Original Harlem Globetrotters. Thanks, my friend.”

William “Bull” Bullard

Harlem Globetrotters

“Andy has a rare talent with words, enabling him to detail athletic-related events and achievements to a higher level. This book gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of each subject, not previously known to most of the public. I’ve enjoyed knowing him and being exposed to his literary prowess. Thanks, Andy…and ‘write’ on!”

Hix Green (Halfback)

’63 Texas Longhorn National Champions

“Andy, Congratulations on Secrets of Greatness! It is a fine book. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Gene Elston. ‘He owned a pirate smile and a voice that could qualify as medicinal.’ This line says it all about Mr. Elston and your book. Your research and writing style make sports and its great cast of characters accessible to all. I can’t wait to pick up the next one.”

Michael Coffin

Director of Broadcasting Corpus Christi Hooks Baseball Club

“Andy! What an excellent story and tribute to my all-time greatest sports hero, Muhammad Ali. I really enjoyed reading your words, and as I read each paragraph I could not wait for what was to come next. You did a marvelous job capturing the real Ali: bigger than life, flawed, yet comforting and relatable. He was truly the greatest. I only wish that these current generations of young people could have lived to witness his life like we did. It is an honor to read Greatness Above The Noise.”

Willis Wilson

Ben Jobe Award Winner

“Andy Purvis is one of the most-talented sports writers I have read in my 23 years of college coaching. But what makes Andy so unique and special is the way he communicates the comradery, brotherhood and family side of an athlete’s success. These are the real treasure in sports stories, the heart-and-soul personal aspect behind the winning and victories. This is what I’ve enjoyed so much about Andy’s writing. God Bless.”

Steve Moore

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Director of Tennis

“I started watching and playing sports in the late 1950’s; therefore, I consider myself “old school,” which is why I was drawn to Andy when we first met many years ago. Andy is a good friend, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his books over the years. By reading between the lines, I’m often struck by just how much research must go into each and every one of his books. This is evident not only by the facts he presents, but by the interesting and little known stories he artfully tells about the players of the game. Reading his books offers much insight into the game and the players. So much so that his stories have given me the opportunity to relive some of those games, and remind me of the players I most loved watching. Thank you, Andy, for the joy I’ve gotten from reading your books. I’m looking forward to the next of your ‘Greatness Series.’ Keep’em coming!”

Rick Hobbs

Purdue Boilermakers’ Football

“Andy another home run by you, sir! You do a truly wonderful job of bringing some unknown stories about some of the biggest names in the history of sports, to light. It’s a very hard book to put down once you get started. You’ll want to immediately start the next story and a new chapter once you finish the previous one! Andy chooses the perfect words at the right time to add humor or emotion when necessary, while letting the fascinating story itself provide the meat and potatoes. Well done, Andy. This one will be on my bookshelf for years to come. I’m already excited for your next book!”

Sean Houston

Former New York Yankees’ Radio Broadcaster

Charleston RiverDogs

“Great book! This is really good stuff! I have already pulled some useful quotes that I had not heard before.”

Mike McConathy

Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Northwestern State

“Andy, your writing brings forth the very essence of sports, which is the humor, pathos, and sportsmanship, so much of which seems to be declining in sports today. Keep up the good work.”

Colonel Tom “Electric” Lytle

USAF Retired Top Gun Pilot

“Congratulation! Excited for the release of your latest gem. I have really enjoyed reading the Greatness Collection as it captures the very essence of sports and those you write about. Your storytelling ability is second to none and truly highlights Greatness. Thank you for sharing these incredible stories with us.”

Travis Whipple

Deputy Director of Athletics, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

“Your book was great!”

Joey Crawford

NBA Official and Former Gold Whistle Award Winner

“Finally getting Andy’s next book is like being a kid again and opening a new pack of next year’s baseball cards. It never gets old and always brings excitement and smiles.”

Jim “The Splendid Splinter” Bruns

Boston Red Sox Fan

“I am really impressed. I am young but an old soul at heart. Anything having to deal with details of the game and actual occurrences always catches my eye; very good reading material.”

Javier Ramirez

Texas High School Baseball Magazine

“AWESOME! Loved it! Author Andy Purvis brings to life many of our most intriguing sports icons. His short stories are interesting to read, and each page turn presents another outstanding competitor and their passion for sports. These are truly inspiring books to read and make a great gift for any sports enthusiast.”

J.J. Johnston

Sports Enthusiast & Denver Broncos’ Fan

“I’ve always had a place in my heart for the guy in the middle of the lineup, the working-class dog on the O-line, the athletes who dig deep and do what they do despite the fact most of the limelight goes to others. In Secrets of Greatness, Andy Purvis covers the big names, but he takes special effort to also shine the spotlight on other players -- names you may or may not be familiar with, but who nonetheless had a huge impact on the games we all love. Whether household names or obscure pitchers from the back end of the bullpen, Andy has a way of delivering much more than the stats and facts, bringing you into the lives of the sports heroes of days gone by.”

Scott Rutherford

Managing Editor, Rio Grande Valley Metro-Leader Magazine

“I have treasured Andy’s stories for over 20 years. The collection of stories in Secrets of Greatness is only surpassed by the storytellers themselves. From Dolph Schayes, “Chuck” Noll, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, to Milo Hamilton and “Yogi” Berra, and many more. If you enjoy swapping stories with your friends, Secrets of Greatness is a must read.”

David Schultz

KLWB-FM Program Director

Host 103.7 “The Game”

“As a huge sports fan, I really enjoy reading Andy’s stories about sports legends from my youth. My personal favorite was the Ernie Banks story. Ernie was a childhood hero of mine.”

Brian Hutson

Chicago Cubs’ Fan

“Reading the first page of a Purvis book is like Opening Day at the ballpark. There is anticipation and excitement, and Purvis does not let you down. His ‘personal encounters’ with many of our ‘sports heroes’ is like putting one on the field of play with each one of them. Reading this book allowed me to ‘chat’ with Gene Michaels and ‘play golf’ with Arnold Palmer. When you finish a Purvis book, it is like the last pitch of a World Series and YOUR TEAM WON! Thank You, Andy!”

Mark Salmon

Presbyterian Pastor and New York Yankees’ Fan

“Andy Purvis has a writer’s voice and an authentic understanding of the game of life. It’s magic. He has lived the person he is and, with every word, his unique understanding of sports and the memories he has of the masters of them, is an anthology that is a ‘must read’ for anyone who loves the game.”

George McNeil

College Roommate

“Andy Purvis’ books are ‘must reads’ for sports fans. Other authors recount the exploits of great athletes. Andy, however, gives rare insight into the personality traits and the personal challenges that made these people extraordinary.”

Jon Hepner

Northwestern University Wildcats’ Fan

“It’s a great book! Really interesting, and I have enjoyed reading Andy’s book. After reading the first few stories, it is OBVIOUS that they are genuine, sincere and very informative. There is a lot of Greatness in these books and Andy should be proud of his work. Thanks, Andy.”

Will Chapman

Oklahoma City Thunder, Coaching Staff

“Andy’s love for sports comes through tremendously in his writing. He is a living, breathing, and walking sports encyclopedia. He keeps the memory of my sports heroes alive.”

John Garza

Cowboys’, Astros’ and Spurs’ Fan

“Yes, I read Secrets of Greatness. It’s a great read. You knocked it out of the park again, Andy.”

Chuck Taylor

Assistant Basketball Coach, Sam Houston State University

“Andy’s books always leave even the bigger sports nuts walking away thinking, ‘I thought I knew everything about Bum Phillips or Bud Adams,’ etc. The factual knowledge shines through in the writing, but what keeps you reading and coming back for more are the amazing storytelling and the masterful metaphors that make you really feel like you personally know the person you are reading about, even if you’ve never heard of them before. I find each book a pure joy to read, anticipate the release of the upcoming, and also use it as a way to honor and remember the way the late ‘greats’ created their greatness. Thanks for pouring yourself into these books, Andy; it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Justin Bell

Sports “Nut”

“Andy’s ability to blend history, sports facts and humor, and to describe his subjects, is phenomenal! I would compare it to the perfect golf swing. He is able to bring each component of some of the greatest athletes’ life accomplishments and stories together like a Long Island iced tea. Remarkable, Andy! I really enjoyed Tony Gwynn and, of course, Charlie Sanders. He was and will always be the Detroit Lions! He has been a part of the organization for my entire life. Thanks for the wonderful reading, Andy! I am looking forward to your next book!”

Doug MacQuarrie

Lifelong Detroit Sports Fan

“When you read a Purvis book…you feel like you’re sitting in the arena when the action is happening. He brings you to the lip of the cup for an up-close and personal look inside. You won’t need a book marker, because you’ll never be able to put it down.”

Royce Chadwick

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Islanders’ Women’s Basketball

“Andy, your book Secrets of Greatness is such a joy to read. It’s hard to put down once you start reading! The stories on the great players of the past make you think of them as ‘Regular Joes’ from the old neighborhood. Sure you know about their feats and accomplishments, but now you see them in a whole new light! You finish one of the stories on a player and you say to yourself, ‘Man! What a guy! He could’ve been one of us!’”

Richard Avila

Texas High School Coaches’ Association Hall of Honor

Texas High School Athletic Director’s Hall of Fame

“Reading Andy’s work feels like sitting down with a buddy over coffee and reminiscing about an old friend. Andy’s colorful and conversational writing brings his subjects right into the room with you. I come away from each article feeling like I know the person, not just know about him or her. Andy’s books are like a collection of your favorite stories from your grandfather.”

Scott Anderson

Executive Editor for Metro-Leader Magazine

Lifelong Dodgers’ Fan

 Andy, the depth of your exposure to so many “greats” in the world of sports is amazing. Your research on these people has to have been a daunting task. With a couple of exceptions, the stories from the world of baseball made me laugh the most, although the football narratives really held my interest. No surprise there. Regardless of the reader’s special interest in any particular sport, he will be drawn to the intimate portrayals of each and every story. No sugarcoating. Good job, Andy.

Ron Harms

College Football Hall of Fame Coach

Having been involved in baseball for over 65 years, the last 20 as an associate scout with the Houston Astros, I can now relax in my recliner and read the best sports stories ever written, thanks to my good friend, Andy Purvis. Keep them coming, Andy.

Pat Dwyer

Baseball Scout, Houston Astros and Brainchild of the RBI program for kids

I have always been fascinated with the story telling of Mr. Purvis. His ability to capture the reader’s attention and paint a vivid picture is unlike any other. Cheers to you, and write on!

Victor Betancourt

Owner and Operator of V-Fit Training Centers

This book refreshes my memory and educates me on sports figures, famous and not so famous, that have passed on from this life with the passage of time. It emphasizes their great athletic accomplishments and returns us to the joys we received in our past days. I highly recommend its purchase to all sports fans as an enjoyable read and reminder of the satisfaction we have received from our association with these greats.

Sandy Clark

Baseball Fan and Fine Fisherman

Andy, your books are an enjoyable and informative read. They are insightful, truthful, and sometimes humorous. Your ability to look in-depth at each player and see the best in each of them is remarkable. You are a bridge between athlete and reader, making sure the story is correctly told. As athletes use their gifts in their chosen sport, you use your gifts each time you put pen to paper, to make sure the spirit of greatness in each athlete is captured. I am grateful to call you friend, and even more grateful for the authenticity of your literary works and character.

Bobby Smith

Two-time AFL Champion running back, Buffalo Bills

What pleasure I’ve received in my life by my interest in sports. Andy Purvis has enlarged that rich reward for me by revisiting these great athletes. His latest book is a real page turner. What fun!

Jack Richmond

Chairman Emeritus of San Antonio Pizza Huts

With the knowledge of a historian and the love of a sports fan, Andy has a wonderful way with words, and his sense of humor and pathos make his essays a joy to read. Andy Purvis gave me my first foray into sports talk radio. A profound “thank you” to him and my heartfelt congratulations on his 20 years on the air!

Henry “Tiger” Hernandez

Radio Show Host

Andy Purvis continues to enthrall with his magical spell of weaving words into more than just sports stories, but also enhancing lives. Thank You Andy for sharing your gift with the world. The world needs to discover more of your talent. Next!

Rick Geiter


This book brought back so many great memories of the life of my favorite sports heroes during my childhood. I also listened to nightly play-by-play on my transistor radio. I followed the Cleveland Indians, and it was great to relive those exciting years, especially 1948. Thanks to Andy Purvis for making me feel young again. Now I’m giving this book to my 12-year-old grandson to read, so he can also learn about these great heroes of the past.

Wilson Perrin, DDS

Andy has a way with words that allows the casual reader to gain some remarkable insights into the lives of many of our greatest sports heroes. He enhances many of these stories with anecdotes from his own personal experiences with these stars, which enables you to have a unique perspective into their lives.

Sean Murphy

Vice President & General Manager of Andrews Distributing Company

These are all great books and they make excellent gifts. They made me think of many players that may have been forgotten.

Dave Sullivan

Friend and former Business Associate

What I really enjoy about Andy’s books is that they are not all facts or statistics, but instead intimate short stories about the amazing athletes and coaches of our time. Myself, I have not met many of the legends he shares stories about. However, his short stories honoring our lost heroes bring them to life one more time. I get to see the personal side, a side I never knew or heard on ESPN or any other media.

Mark Dannhoff

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Islanders Men’s Basketball Coach

To all who enjoy sports and sports history, Andy’s books are the essential read. Having owned and read all of his books, I have not been disappointed in any of them. Andy has the unparalleled ability for the research he puts into each story. I can only describe his writing style as “smooth,” like a Bluebell vanilla milkshake, something to savor from start to finish. I am proud to count Andy as a friend and look forward to his future books.

Marty Robinson

Hardball Fan

I have read all but the last book in the “Greatness Series” and I believe them to be the most informative, easiest reading, and most entertaining stories about true sports heroes. I’m not an avid reader, but your short-story style and sparkling wit keeps even me focused on the finish line. Thanks for your heartfelt dedication to capturing not only the statistics, but the heart and soul of these heroes. Keep writing and God Bless!

Dick Hermann

My Basketball Partner

Reading an Andy Purvis book is a walk through our own childhood. His insightful thoughts and little-known facts about our past heroes keep one glued to every word of every story. I can’t count the times I have said “Wow, I didn’t know that.” Always a great read, I can’t wait for the next story!

Chris Wicker

Just Another Weekend Warrior

Andy, your books are a hit!!! I have been a fan of your books since the first one you sent me years ago. I have enjoyed them so much that I can reread them. Your newest books are easy reading, full of history and interesting fun facts on sports greats that will help keep them in our sports talk. You have made your books enjoyable for all, not just sports fans. Thank you for putting their stories to paper for all to share. You keep writing and I will keep reading and sharing with others. Great Job on your writing!

Russ & Bev Ansley

Business Associate and Friend

Andy Purvis has a remarkable way of reaching into the lives of great athletes and sharing not only their accomplishments, but also the character and motivations that have made them great. Through his books, Andy’s gift as a writer and heart of a hero has invited me to consider the best in others while accepting that like me, my heroes are human.

Michael Doane

Interim Pastor of Island Presbyterian Church

“Through the years I have found no one more caring or passionate about athletics and the athletes that participate. Andy is a true gentleman and a walking sports almanac.”

Brian Hagen

Chicago Bulls, Assistant General Manager

“As an avid reader of his stories as well as being a good friend, I find that when reading Andy’s books, articles or listening to one of his stories on the radio, I am mesmerized by his factual and at the same time, very entertaining writing style. It is an old cliché, but very applicable to all of Andy’s books. ‘I couldn’t put it down.’ In my opinion, Andy Purvis is one of the finest writer’s of sports related stories that I have ever read. I am honored to have him as a friend.”

Dotson Lewis

College Football Officiating Hall of Fame 1995

“Your books are powerful my friend! God gave you many gifts, Andy; your “HEART” and “CARE” are amazing! Your ability to tell “their” story and share those great testimonies that shine a bright light on that person’s character and the hardships required to accomplish something significant! You’re a very talented man! You are an inspiration to me and others. I have been so blessed by our long friendship! These past ten years we both have been on different paths in our journey; but trust me, “our” friendship is chiseled in granite for our lifetimes!”

Shane Nelson

Former NFL Linebacker, Buffalo Bills

“I attend about 100 or more professional baseball games each year and each one is unique. The strategies differ. The reactions of the fans vary from approval to disdain but once we hear the National Anthem and PLAY BALL then we sit back and enjoy another sporting event. This is true whether I am attending soccer games in other countries or rooting for my Gamecocks to win in football but what should come after every PLAY BALL is READ ANDY’S BOOKS! Andy has a unique ability to include the reader in the very personal lives of those who have brought us great joy though the years. Even though I never did get to watch Andy play football when he was a student in North Carolina…I still consider him a hero in the world of sports.”

Mark Salmon

Presbyterian Pastor and Yankee Fan

“In my twenty years of coaching basketball, the relationships and stories that I have experienced has been my favorite part of this journey. Andy brings these stories and relationships alive in his writings about important figures in the sports world. He is a great friend of mine and his books have been at my night stand on many occasions. He brings sports to life in a real and personal level for the reader, and I would strongly recommend his writings to any true sports fan.”

Andrew Helton

Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Eastern New Mexico University

“Andy’s books make me something I never was—a sports guru who can dispense little known facts and share stories of the greats! I even shared his books with the two greatest sports fans in my life, my son, and my brother and they fell in love with Andy’s stories and stats! His Greatness Series is a must read for anyone in love with the “game” and its heroes, past and present!”

Alan P. Scaglione

Author and Xulon Press Reporter

“The thing that has always stood out the most for me about Andy’s books is the passion that shines through the writing. It’s as though he is writing about a good friend, rather than just an athlete. And if you know him as well as I do, then you would realize that they are his friends, they’re people who have impacted him in such a way that it motivates him to share his experience with others. And that’s the key to being a good writer, sharing a fact that the reader won’t forget, sharing a tidbit that keeps the reader engaged and wanting more. When I read his books, I feel like I’m there, I feel like I’m part of his story, and that’s one of the many reasons I keep coming back.”

Tyler Garrett

NBC Sportscaster, KRIS-TV Corpus Christi, TX

“If you are a sports enthusiast of any kind, Andy’s writings are a must read. He has a passion and knowledge that few can match.”

Ken Schrom,

Former Major League Pitcher and Baseball All-Star

“My grandpa wrote an awesome book on baseball. It’s called Remember Greatness. He’s an inspiration to all. Love u grandpa!”

Nathan Phillip James, age 12-facebook (Grandson of Andrew Phillip Purvis)

“I am a voracious reader, and I love reading history, science, and religious books. I also love reading Andy Purvis, especially his books about some of the great figures in sports from the past. Andy brings these folks to life in a way that is both joyous and insightful. Andy’s knowledge is excelled only by his gracious heart and both come through in each of his stories. I highly recommend reading Andy Purvis, and look forward to his next book.”

C. Richard Mills

Pastor, Island Presbyterian Church

“Andy’s books bring back special memories; playing catch with my older brothers and Dad; seeing Willie Mays get his 2,999 hit; my brother and I begging our parents to go back the next day, seeing Willie Mays get his 3,000 hit and finally, watching Game 1 of the Rangers-Giants World Series with my son; I lived in SF then and this was a dream come true Series for this loyal Giants fan. Thanks Andy for helping us to remember the past. We are what we remember.”

Rev. Peter D. Crouch, CFRE

Presbyterian Children’s Home of Austin, Texas

“When you take one step into Andy’s restaurant you quickly understand what type of sports fan he is. Not just a fan, but a historian of sports with stories that could fill 100 books. His latest book will be a must read for sports fans.”

Scott Malone

Head Men’s Baseball Coach at University of Texas A&M Corpus Christi

“Andy’s books are always informative, humorous, insightful, and thought provoking. His work, after you have read his books, makes you feel as if you have a personal relationship with whom he is writing about.”

Cy Alexander

Head Men’s Basketball Coach, North Carolina A&T University

This is not to be missed! Read the back story of America's beloved sports figures. New stories about people I thought I knew. You will enjoy every minute of it.

This book refreshes my memory and educates me on sports figures famous and not so famous that have passed on from life with the passage of time. It emphasizes their great athletic accomplishments and returns us to the joys we received in our past days. I highly recommend it's purchase to all sports fans as an enjoyable read and reminder of the satisfaction we have received from our past association with these greats.

Andy Purvis has done it again. What a fun read. I love sports and Andy Purvis has shared his insight, experience and wit into the world of famous sports figures and personalities. Andy reminds us that foremost our sports heroes are human, just like us, but reveals why these sports stars became bigger than life and effected so many. Thanks Andy!

You will enjoy reading: Remembered Greatness. The author has given the readers a personal insight into the lives of some of our most famous sports icons. The approach taken with each sports hero gives you the feeling of a warm fire-side chat with each individual. J. B.

This book isn't exactly a sequel to Andy Purvis's "In the Company of Greatness" but it does somewhat follow in the style of the earlier work. "Remembered Greatness" is longer, reflecting more passed sports greats whom Purvis had met or in some way interacted with. It is rich in facts, well researched, and written from the standpoint of a true sports enthusiast and broadcaster. If there is a central theme I suppose it could be baseball, clearly the most frequently represented sports discipline of the book, a fact related to Purvis's history announcing baseball games, and also delving deeply into baseball card collecting. I also noted many stories about football heroes of the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies, however. A surprising element of the book that meant something to me, was the coverage of several boxing icons. Names like Ali, Frazier, Foreman, and Lyle mean plenty to those of us who were students of the big fights in the early 1970's. As you read the boxing chapters, Howard Cosell's unmistakeable voice can be heard ringing through the air of coliseum.

I have a vast library of books about sports and the people who appear on the field or in the arenas or stadiums. Purvis has once again produced a book that ties the games and personalities together and the players become bigger than life and my best buddies as well. Spending time with this book is entertaining and a look beyond the skills of the athlete to what made them tick. Great read.

The author's homespun metaphoric phrases make it an enjoyable read for any sports fan!

I honestly loved this book... Each chapter carries its own sense of inspiration, perseverance and determination in more than just sports. It inspires the reader and proves that there are no boundaries to ones success..... Andy Purvis's definition of the essence of sports is nothing less than beautiful...... Hats off to you Andy and may your success continue....


This book really "humanizes" many of the sports figures that I have grown up watching or idolizing. The short stories (68 in all) make it a great book to open up whether you have only a few minutes or several hours to spare at a given time. Mr. Purvis shows that he is a true sports fan with a unique perspective and a sense of humor. Well done!

I enjoyed reading In The Company of Greatness very much. There were a lot of very interesting stories of sports legends I have heard of and admired but never really had the kind of insight Mr. Purvis provides. I have played sports my whole life and was reminded why I loved playing the games and of the many friendships I made with my teammates and coaches. This book captured the innocence and simplicity of the sports and the personal complexity, humor and idiosyncrasies of some of the greats that played the games. This book really put a personal face on a lot of the players I idolized as a kid. This book was a fun read and the short stories made it great for a quick break or a story or two before bed. Mr. Purvis has an observant sense of humor and is a pleasure to read because I can tell he really enjoys what he does. And what he does best is remind us that in the company of greatness, we are all still just human. Some just more human than others.

This book connects interesting little known stories of our greatest sports heroes with the statistics that prove their greatness. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in sports---it will be an eye-opening experience!!!

This book is a clever mix of stories and statistics about sports greatest heroes. Legends such as Joe DiMaggio, Yoga Berra, Mickey Mantle in baseball, and Bart Starr, Doak Walker, and Walter Payton in football are brought to life with little known inside stories illuminating their greatness. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in sports.

This is an insightful, informative collection of tales about people who loved their sports, told by someone who shares their passion. These are the life stories of the personalities who played the games and those who reported on them. For generations these sports were what was entertainment. I get the impression of how significant these lives were when it was a game. I enjoyed the read. Thank you!

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