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Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Reid Ryan, the new Houston Astros’s President and older son of Texas pitching legend, Nolan Ryan, once told a story about him and his dad at a Houston Astros’s luncheon, held here in Corpus Christi, at the Solomon Ortiz Center.  Seems that his dad, Nolan, had pitched earlier in the day, and they decided that the two of them would go out to dinner together.  They went to a fine restaurant there in Houston and ordered a large order of onion rings as an appetizer.  This large plate of onion rings was placed between them as they sat opposite of each other at the table.  Now if you have lived in Texas for very long, you know that onion rings in Texas are known as 1015’s.  The name 1015’s refers to the month and the date they were invented (October 15).  They are the biggest, sweetest onions found anywhere in the world.  While they sat waiting for the main course to be served, Reid said he noticed two middle-aged ladies a couple of tables over turning and looking at him and his dad.  They continued to stare and look over at them for quite a while.  Nolan had noticed also and whispered to Reid, “They are probably going to come over and ask for an autograph or something.  Don’t worry about it; I’ll handle it.”  “Sure enough,” said Reid, “after about ten minutes or so, one of the ladies got up and approached our table.”  When the lady got to their table she said nicely, “Please excuse me.  I don’t mean to bother you, but could my friend take a picture?”  “Sure,” said Nolan, figuring that this would be quick and pain-free.  So, the lady goes around to the other side of the table and bends down so her face is right above this plate of onion rings.  Her friend hurries over to Nolan’s table and takes a picture of the other lady and the plate of onion rings.  “It is at this point,” says Reid, “that my dad and I realized that they did not know Nolan Ryan, the future Hall-of-Fame pitcher.”  After the picture was taken, the lady who had approached their table first said with a huge smile “Thanks so much.  We’re from Washington State and we’ve never seen onion rings that big.”   

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Ruiz on Wednesday, May 02, 2018 10:04 AM
Amazing Post.
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https://www.rush-my-essay.com/ on Monday, August 13, 2018 6:52 AM
Onion rings the specialty of Texas. We all know about the onion rings and they are made all over the wo0rld but nothing can beat the size and taste of the onion rings of Texas. This is the amazing story of this onion rings must read and also try your best to taste the rings.
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